announcement of free PS4 games this week


Here we are! Or rather, we are almost there, this week Sony will announce i new free PS4 games for subscribers to the service PlayStation Plus, then available for download from Wednesday 3 June 2020

Sony will reveal the free PlayStation Plus games of June 2020 this week as mentioned and more precisely on Wednesday 27 May at 17:30 Italian time, following a well-tested calendar unless unexpected or sudden changes of strategies.

Also in this case free PS4 games for June 2020 they should be two as it has been happening for a long time after the decision not to host more titles for PS3 and PlayStation Vita, however, it is not possible to exclude any bonus games, perhaps for PlayStation VR, as already happened in the past.

As for the rumors about the new free PS4 games, a corridor rumor seems to suggest the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS Plus but it is only an unconfirmed speculation, the result of an error on the PlayStation Store that may not even be linked to the entry of the game in the PlayStation Plus catalog.

We will know more in less than 48 hours, mark the date on the calendar Wednesday 27 May at 17:30 (Italian time), on this occasion we will discover the new free games in June for PlayStation Plus members.

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