announced a new panel on the architecture of the nextgen console


Representatives of the Xbox division of Microsoft confirm the participation of the Redmond house in the Hot Chips 2020 conference. During the event, the designers of the US technology giant will discuss the potential of the hardware architecture of the Xbox Series X.

The next edition of the event which, until last year, was held in Palo Alto in California, will turn into one digital conference and it will be streamed to adapt to the current context related to the Coronavirus emergency.

Microsoft’s digital panel dedicated entirely to Xbox Series X technology and architecture will be staged on August 17th in the time slot that will go from 02:30 to 04:00 Italian. The event will be curated by the designer Jeff Andrews and, as for any other Hot Chips panel, it will be “for professionals”.

Similarly to what happened in 2013 with the presentation of Xbox One, once again the designers of the Xbox division of Microsoft should take advantage of this media showcase to illustrate in detail every aspect of the hardware architecture of the Xbox Series X. Andrews’ briefing could therefore respond to some of the questions that have arisen in recent months since the announcement of the XSX specifications, the reason for the division of the 16GB RAM memory in two pools respectively of 10GB (at 560GB / s of data transfer speed) and 6GB (at 336GB / s) to the way the AMD RDNA 2 GPU will interact with the CPU Zen 2 and theCustom NVME SSD.

Of particular interest could also be the statements of the Redmond company on the advanced backward compatibility promised by the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture, as well as the clarifications on the proprietary compression system BCPack which promises to further optimize the console hardware resources in the execution of the games next generation.

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