Anm, Junta at risk of dissolution. The president Luca Poniz (Area) and the secretary Giuliano Caputo (Unicost) resign


A steering committee that lasted ten hours after a very tense day opens the crisis within the Junta of theNational Association of Magistrates. At the end of the river meeting the president resigned, Luca Poniz (Area), and the secretary, Giuliano Caputo (Unicost). The motion was on the agenda Independent judiciary on the anticipation of the elections for the renewal of the summits from October to July and the modalities of the electronic vote. But the assembly of robes was the scene of one controversy between the groups on the issue of new interceptions, which appeared in the press in recent days, emerged from the investigation documents of Perugia, the one that sees as the main protagonist Luca Palamara, former president of Anm.

Palace maneuvers continue to emerge from the papers of Umbrian investigators in order to place well-liked candidates, alliances between currents, addressed careers. A scandal – with the currents dividing the nominations – that caused a double earthquake within the Superior Council of the Judiciary and in the Anm same. And that had led to the chair of President Luca Poniz, exponent of Area, the left current of the robes that appeared the least exposed. Today Area and Unicost, left the junta and then came the step back of the two leaders. For now it remains in the bargain – which threatens the dissolution – the group of Autonomy and Independence, which has only one representative, Cesare Bonamartini, deputy secretary. The meeting, which rejected Mi’s motion on the advance of the elections, and therefore confirmed the vote in October, was reconvened for Monday, to identify a new composition that manages the association’s government until the elections.

Today Poniz, who had been elected president just after the chaos generated by the Perugia investigation with the involvement of magistrates, had attempted to curtail the arrows saying: “We cannot think that we have remained or want to remain in the saddle and expose ourselves to unjustified attacks. Everyone knows that the emergency forced us to have a very difficult job. If anyone thinks that the extension in which we have found ourselves unwillingly serves management to protect a position or maintain the structure of political relations, it is something that cannot be tolerated. ” Poniz, at the opening of the central steering committee, had thus replied to the accusations addressed to the leaders of the ANM, which are under the regime of prorogatio given that the elections, scheduled for last March, have been postponed due to the health emergency. To request that the vote be held as soon as possible, in July, was the Independent Judiciary, believing the current junta delegitimized, also in relation to what emerged from the interceptions of the Perugia investigation. “We don’t want to stay a minute longer – Poniz had assured – I would have made the request to anticipate the vote. I and the Area group are available we believe that this experience cannot continue we make ourselves available but avoiding that this situation is used instrumentally to attack the Anm. THEours is only a gesture of responsibility to allow the junta to function and vote as soon as possible in the interest of all and allow the Association to escape these attacks that harm those who make them and of course all of us who work with utmost seriousness and rigor “.

Among other things, the ANM has not yet had Prosecutor of Perugia the complete proceedings of the investigation, closed on April 20 on the case of Luca Palamara: “We asked for the acts on May 4 before some excerpts of conversations were published in some newspapers – said Poniz -. We did not receive a response so last Thursday we appointed a defender who has already been talking to the prosecutor. It is yet another request, already addressed last year. At the time we were told that they were non-ostensible acts for reasons of secrecy. It is not true that the documents are public and accessible – he clarified – we are not a newspaper, but we believe we are a qualified subject for the request. This is why we have acted with firmness and conviction to draw from those acts a direct, unfiltered, unselected knowledge with the same scruple and rigor with which we have acted in recent years and that has characterized our approach to this theme “.

On Saturday morning a former Guardasigilli had thrown himself against the National Magistrates Association in an interview with Italia Oggi: “It is quite clear that the National Magistrates Association has become an organization that parasites the State and allows to condition the choices of the CSM, because it affects the election of its members. It acts like a political party. It challenges decisions by parliament, government or the minister of justice every two minutes. It is an organization that no longer understands exactly what it is, but which in any case seems destined to do poorly. Attentive daily to the autonomy and independence of the individual magistrate, it markets appointments, promotions, careers, CSM elections and even sentences. Where we are? The ANM should be dissolved. It is a free association, not a constitutional body. It hurts judges and institutions, so it’s a threat. ”

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