Anm earthquake breaks out: one step away from dissolution


Earthquake in the juntaAnm. The members of the Area and Unicost currents, including the president Luca Poniz (Area) and the secretary Giuliano Caputo Unicost) left the organ of the national magistrates association after the publication of the latest interceptions concerning the investigation that swept the ex president of the ANM Luca Palamara and also involving Area. Today the Central Steering Committee meeting went on for nearly ten hours. The robes updated on Monday 25 at 19.

With the resignation of the members of Area and Unicost, the currents respectively of President Poniz and Secretary Caputo, the junta risks dissolution. The groups took 48 hours to attempt a recomposition that would allow them to arrive in October when they vote (on 18, 19 and 20). Independent judiciary, a group that had left the joint junta last year, had asked that the current junta be voted first, considering the current junta to be “delegitimate”, already under an extension after the postponement of the vote, originally scheduled for March, due to the emergency health, and denouncing the lack of a clear position of what emerged from the last interceptions, in which the names of Area representatives appear, compared to what happened a year ago, with the scandal on the nominations and the storm that swept the CSM .

An accusation strongly rejected by President Luca Poniz who claimed “a clear political position” and replied that “you cannot press me on an alleged contradiction”. The secretary of the Independent Judiciary, Paola D’Ovidio, denied that there was “the same rigor” and instead denounced “a different method” in the management of situations, citing for example the lack of involvement of the probivirs on recent events, on the contrary of what happened in May of last year, when all the magistrates involved were referred before the college. For his part, the secretary, Giuliano Caputo, stressed that “what has emerged is now very different from what happened last year, but these are facts that we do not ignore”.

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