Anm, change the current rules of the CSM – Politics


“There is a need to change the electoral rules of the CSM and restore greater selection power to the community of judges”, rather than to the currents. This was stated by ANM president Luca Poniz, interviewed by Agorà. As for the use of the draw for the composition of the CSM, Poniz recalled that “the last position of Minister Bonafede was to overcome the idea of ​​the draw which is totally unconstitutional”.

“We have delivered dozens of reform proposals to the Minister of Justice. We are the first to demand that these reforms be made,” added Poniz, who indicated among the necessary interventions those on the electoral system of the CSM and on the career of the magistrates, who “it must not be central to their life”. The places that seem so attractive must be reduced and the links with politics must be broken: once the political relationship is established it must not be reversible “.


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