angry families, the discount will only apply to businesses



The relaunch decree provided for a series of economic measures to guarantee the restarting of the country and among these the reduction of the bills. Thus, after the approval of the Arera, from May onwards, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to consume electricity by paying heavily discounted amounts. The discount on electricity bills, however, sees theexclusion of families because in fact it is an initiative that concerns non-domestic low voltage users.

The benefit promoted on electricity bills will only concern small and medium-sized enterprises and refers to the consumption made between May and July 2020. Families, on the other hand, will continue to pay as always and in the event of economic difficulties, they become defaulters without exception. An exclusion that makes citizens very angry, affected like everyone else by the restrictions imposed by the lockdown.

What does the discount on utility bills consist of?

The recipients of this provision are commercial establishments, craftsmen, bars, restaurants, laboratories, professionals and services. All that set of activities that use low voltage meters but with a power greater than 3 KW that domestic users do not have. The discount on electrical utilities requires that it come reset the cost relating to power, while a lower amount will be applied to actual consumption. All this without reducing the power supply, or rather at the same consumption, you will pay significantly less.

It is estimated that a company receiving 15 kW of power will save approximately 70 euros per month, which represents about a third of what he would spend under normal conditions. The Arera announces that it will be possible that the discounts will not be applied immediately. Blame the bureaucracy, for which it may happen that the May bills see a balance in the following month. Delays aside, this is a small support intended to restart all those activities that want to reopen after months of forced stop.

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