Android 11, 3 different icons for 5G and a little confusion: here is the meaning of 5Ge, 5G and 5G +


Google has updated the Features and APIs Overview page of the features present on Android 11, and the update reads some news on the iconography used to indicate whether the smartphone connected to a 4G network or to a new generation 5G network. Unfortunately, however, the current choice of Big G’s it seems a little confusing.

There will be five different ways to indicate the connection to as many connectivity technologies. We list them below for convenience:

  • LTE: will indicate the traditional 4G
  • LTE +: will indicate 4G with Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • 5Ge: will indicate connection to an LTE Advanced Pro network
  • 5G: will indicate the connection to the “New Radio” NR 5G, with sub-6GHz band
  • 5G +: will indicate the connection to the “New Radio” NR 5G on the mmWave band (millimeter-Wave)

In particular, the confusion could be dictated by the use of5Ge icon to indicate an “old” generation network, or the LTE Advanced Pro. Through the technologies of Carrier Aggregation it promises speeds comparable to those of 5G, with a maximum of 3Gbps in downlink, but in fact it is an evolution of the current LTE Advanced and therefore it cannot be defined neither a NR, nor a 5G network to all effects.
The American telephone operator AT&T had attempted in 2018 to name its LTE Advanced network in 5Ge with the icon that had also appeared on the iPhone, however in response it promptly obtained a legal complaint for the improper use of the nomenclature.

instead the distinction is clearer than making Android 11 on 5G networks that use bands sub-6GHz and those that use the Mmwave, with the latter which should represent the maximum in terms of downlink and uplink speed. The “5G” networks of Android 11, therefore the sub-6GHz, should instead offer on paper speeds similar to those of the current 4G, but a higher range.

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