Andrea Bocelli had Covid and now donates plasma


No symptoms, “nothing. I made the swab and knew I was positive. Honestly, when I found out, it was March 10th, I jumped into the pool because I was fine. ” So Andrea Bocelli he talked about his experience with the coronavirus by talking to journalists outside the Cisanello hospital where he went to donate blood. Mild symptoms, then, for the other family members, positive results: “Only mild fevers, 37.2 or 37.3 who had it”.

Bocelli arrived at the hospital accompanied by his wife Veronica. When asked if they all donated in the family, Bocelli replied: “No, here I am.” With his donation Bocelli contributes to experimentation, which sees the Aou of Pisa as leader with the infectious diseases department directed by Professor Francesco Menichetti, to test Covid-19 patients plasma infusion from negative patients.