Ancelotti: “Naples, what a beautiful experience! Italy doesn’t change: there is one thing I can’t stand”


Carlo Ancelotti, former Napoli coach, spoke to SKY Sport’s microphones focusing on his experience in blue.

The former Napoli manager, now at Everton, Carlo Ancelotti, released some statements to the microphones of SKY Sport. Here are his words: “With Zidane I tried to change my system, he was the first player who gave me the opportunity to make changes, to play in a different way. I moved to 3-4-1-2 with Del Piero-Inzaghi in front and Zidane slightly behind. The second year I played four behind but always keeping the midfielder behind the two strikers. With Zidane my idea of ​​football has changed, before I focused on 4-4-2 “.

Carlo Ancelotti then added: “I didn’t win the Scudetto with Juventus, but it was a positive experience, I understood really well how a club has to work well for the manager, it doesn’t matter if they fired me, I understood how a company has to support its coach. TO Naples it was a great experience, but if I have to choose a championship, I choose the Premier League for the atmosphere. After nine years I returned to Italy but nothing has changed. There is still too much pressure and a lot of violence among the fans. An unbearable thing. It is not easy to change the culture of a country that is unfortunately still full of violence and aggression “.

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