“An sheep and a shabby staging, because you are embarrassing and farcical” – Libero Quotidiano


It made no sense to vote the distrust of Minister Bonafede although he does not deserve any trust, and we do not say this out of dislike for this gentleman, but because his work as a security guard has made his skin crawl. That vote that confirmed the status quo should not have been made because it was useless, that is, with a foregone conclusion. Anyone who has a minimum of familiarity with the political workshop was aware that by rejecting the aforementioned Bonafede the government would fall, with the imaginable consequences. There is therefore no alternative majority in Parliament here Sergio Mattarella he would have been forced to dissolve the chambers at a time when the country needs everything except a crisis in the dark. Not only would a calamity have unleashed, given that the virus is raging, people are on the bill, the economy languishes, all stuff that still affects negatively. It also happens that if the typical rallies of the beginning of an electoral campaign had started, deputies and senators of the Democratic Party, of the 5 stars and of Italia Viva would have metaphorically fired.

In fact, many of them would have lost the armchair with few, very few hopes of taking it back. So all those who have so far supported the executive it is obvious that they have allied themselves to ward off the collapse of Conte and his friends. And so it was. And – I repeat – this was foreseeable. Yesterday at Palazzo Madama was a squalid staging whose conclusion should not surprise anyone who has a pinch of experience. Even the aggressiveness of Matteo Renzi on the eve of the count he was simply platonic, demonstrative and devoid of an objective that was not the validation of this miserable cabinet, whose head proved to be a skilled self-defender despite spending time writing decrees of hundreds of pages, albeit totally empty of any meaning. Renzi has been a wolf for a long time, but in the end he issued a bleating and returned to the sheepfold as a lamb.

What else could he have done? In my opinion it would have been better to keep silent in order to avoid a sheep figure, waiting for a more opportune time to launch attacks on the government born, however, with its blessing. The former scraper has his own talent, but the impression is that he has at least partially lost him. Polls give him almost ground level, he is still able to speak effectively, however cannot translate into reality what he declaims with a skill equal to inconclusion. We wish him to rise quickly. With this troubled but lost political staff, there is no way to take a step forward or even one step back.

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