An outburst, betrayals and farewell. So Belen and Stefano De Martino broke up


New details are emerging on the marriage crisis between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino. A crisis that now seems to be certain according to the words of the Argentine showgirl, who after having made a short live broadcast on Instagram, was entertaining with the fans. It is the weekly Oggi to reveal some background of this alleged separation, after the weekly Chi broke the news yesterday. It seems that everything was born from a dispute and that from that moment the couple has no longer found a balance.

To avoid too much gossip, Belen Rodriguez chose to tell her truth even if in a veiled way after some of her rather melancholic photos had been shown on the weekly Chi but, above all, the strange coincidence of the presence of Andrea Iannone in his own restaurant during a dinner. The interest around this story is inevitable and so the Argentine showgirl has decided to put her face on it, admitting that she is in a difficult moment in her life. Many comments came under the video shared by Belen, many of which were supportive and close. There are also many answers given by the showgirl, who between one message and another seems to confirm the rumors of an alleged betrayal by Stefano De Martino. “Sometimes life puts you in front of them problems just because you really know how things are. And it is right that it is so … So you learn“Belen replied to a girl who was trying to convey some comfort to her. Much more cryptic is the response that the showgirl gave to another user who revealed her disbelief in the face of the suffering of her darling, probably referring to the rumors about infidelity. “And tell me …“said Rodriguez, showing all her disappointment.

According to the reconstruction done by the weekly Oggi, the couple would have exploded due to pressure from the quarantine, forced isolation and the obligation to be together 24 hours a day. The couple was obviously not used to this, everyone has always had his spaces and his freedoms, which are probably missing and triggered the fuse. It all started when “the virus imposed closeness and left neither escape routes nor bubbles intimacy to fix and heal disputes“, reads the weekly Oggi. Like a time bomb ready to explode, the breaking point of marital discontent was thunderous.”The apex – read on Today – it’s a discussion brightly lit in the bowels of the beautiful building in the Moscova area where the couple lives“.

Three days later Stefano de Martino left for Naples work issues. He has to go back to the management of Made in the south and there are the registrations to be made, but for some it is only a trick to get away from his wife. A few days ago the former dancer was spotted in Milan but did not stop to sleep at his house. He was seen at his parents’ house, then went to visit his son Santiago but he always leaned in the home of his family in the Isola area to sleep. Stefano De Martino’s stay in Milan was very short, because a few days later, the Made in the South driver got back in the car towards Naples, this time loaded with luggage. Is it really a farewell with Belen? Yet the two seemed ready to put the second child, as stated by the showgirl only a few weeks ago.

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