an outbreak breaks out in Anzio


Only three new infected yesterday in Rome. And it is no coincidence that the Regional Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, notes: “It is the lowest figure since the Covid emergency began”. While in Lazio, in total, the number of sick people in the last 24 hours shows a contained increase of 16 cases, with a trend of 0.2 percent. Although the health authorities in the past few hours have gone into alarm for a minicluster discovered and immediately dammed in an RSA in Anzio, where 5 people tested positive for coronavirus.
The curve is confirmed downhill. In this regard, Enrico Di Rosa, director of the Public Health and Hygiene Service (Sisp) of Asl Rm 1, explains: «Undoubtedly, the fact that there were three people infected in Rome means that the path taken is the right one. That despite having been unlocked a lot even if not quite everything in Phase 2, we continue to have encouraging data that indicate that the situation, from an epidemiological point of view, is under control ». But woe to think that the emergency is over. “The same data – adds Di Rosa – say that the virus is still in circulation and that therefore the danger persists above all for the most fragile people. A few sporadic cases have emerged yet, but with the mass screening carried out by the Region, the risk has almost disappeared. But, again, where there are sick people and more fragile people, the level of attention must always be very high ». Therefore, caution must be maintained by following good hygiene practices, distancing especially in closed places, putting on a mask and using prudence also in family and friends. With this in mind, the Sisp director reminds us that “if you go to visit parents or relatives, or go to dinner with friends, it is better to avoid kisses and hugs. Wear the mask, better to be outdoors. ”
Returning to the bulletin, a girl with anemia and fever was admitted to intensive care at the Covid Center in Palidoro last Wednesday. The little girl responded to the treatment and will soon be transferred to the ward. As for the 3 new infected in the capital, there have been registers in the ASL Roma 1, in that Roma 2 and in Roma 3. The alarming minifocolaio of Anzio, where the doctors of the ASL Roma 6 have found 5 new cases in people hosted at Villa Fortunata di Anzio. All the other guests were immediately transferred to the Rsa Covid of Genzano and Albano. In addition to the limited number of new cases, Councilor D’Amato also reported “the record of the recovered and discharged who grew by 245 units (healed) and 218 units (discharged)”. Also in the last 24 hours, there have been 8 deaths, while the total number of people recovered is 3,825 in total. The investigation of seropravalence on the categories (doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers) most at risk of contagion continues: 55 thousand tests carried out so far, with an incidence equal to 2.5 per cent of positives, which has allowed to identify 102 asymptomatic through the swab. The contact tracing service has been enhanced.


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