“An inevitable iron fist, but can you imagine them if they were governed by Di Maio and Conte?” – Free newspaper


Vittorio Feltri

China does not enjoy great sympathy in the West at the moment, newspapers and televisions launch daily in harsh criticism of the regime, highlighting various misdeeds. Easy to blame Beijing and its ferocious dictatorship. Let’s start with the virus. He comes from the East and there is no doubt about it, but it is difficult to think that the infection was wanted by state leaders, since it created enormous problems first of all in the Great Country, and only later did it spread throughout the world. I don’t think Covid is a Chinese export product, popular to spite all continents. I am convinced it is an accident that continues to harm various Asian nations. Controversy against the Chinese has now escalated due to the events of Hong Kong marked by blind violence, the images of which reach us every half hour with any news bulletin. The angry scenes filmed in the squares offend our democratic sensitivity, of course. They remind us of what happened in Beijing in Tienammen square, a massacre that remained etched in anyone’s memory.

Just to underline the brutality of communism with almond-shaped eyes and accuse him of not respecting those who contest him. Do not mention it. But we must also consider that a nation of one and a half billion inhabitants would be impossible to govern if not with an iron fist and with ruthless laws that seem unacceptable to us. That mass of people, many of whom are still poor (in rural areas), either drive them with strong manners or don’t drive them at all. If China has become an irresistible world economic power there will be a reason. This is not a miracle accomplished by the red ideology, but by the discipline imposed with quick and fierce methods by those who have the levers of power in their hands. If putacaso the managers of the deadly yellow car adopted a system similar to the Italian one in two months the Chinese giant would turn into an intractable hell, a chaos that would cause an unprecedented disaster. Can you imagine them Conte and Di Maio at the helm of a huge crowd such as the one now under the yoke of President Xi? Just the thought of such an eventuality shivers, and it also makes us laugh. I was in China in the late eighties. Beijing already had 20 million residents, a bedlam. Rivers of black bicycles flowed through the streets, some with the sidecar in which a beautiful child took a seat, who unfortunately would later grow up. Opaque buildings stood everywhere. There was no sewerage system. The people’s dream was to buy a car to use as a taxi. At 5 pm work stopped and the workers took two steps on foot in their neighborhoods, bringing with them a cage containing a canary, the only companion animal which, due to misery, they had the power to possess. I went into a tavern to have a drink and ordered a tea. While I was drinking it, I saw that a local customer was enjoying, at half the price, the rinse of mine. This is to say in what situations the residents of the capital lived. On Sunday the Italian delegation of which I was a member recovered a priest who said mass in the courtyard of the hotel where he was staying. The priest desperately looked for an altar boy to serve him and, not finding him among those present, he started to stare at me and convinced himself that he was right for him. He invited me to climb onto a kind of altar. I resigned myself to give him a hand, mindful of my childhood past in aid of my provost. I never had as many compliments as on that occasion: the faithful were admired by my sacred deeds. If that city that I briefly described was Beijing, the center of China, imagine what peripheral villages or provinces were. In which poverty and hardships were breathed in the air. Scenes that seemed absurd to me would have changed over the years, and instead now this human mastodon, like it or not, is a milestone of the terraqueous globe where aftermath of wealth and abundance can be found everywhere. The Communists are horrifying to me, now as yesterday, perhaps because I’m not Chinese. Otherwise, who knows?

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