an ‘historical lineup’ of Xbox Game Studios nextgen games


In the latest in-depth analysis published on the Xbox Wire pages, Jason Ronald has not only discussed the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X but has specified that the Xbox Game Studios are working to ensure a “historical lineup” of nextgen games for the new Microsoft console in arrival at the end of 2020.

Before investigating issues related to preserving backward compatible games and the potential of Velocity Architecture, the Xbox Series X designer specified that “led by Halo Infinite, our 15 Xbox Game Studios teams are working hard to create the largest and best line of exclusives in Xbox history”.

The main person responsible for the design of the nextgen console of the house in Redmond then connected to the words of Phil Spencer to confirm that “We will soon be showing many of our new video games in development for the Xbox Series X that we are incredibly excited about”. According to Ronald, therefore, from here we will soon understand what is boiling and we will finally be able to find out which exclusive video games we will see on Xbox Series X (“free” for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass and with Smart Delivery function) in the launch period and in the following months.

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