An anomalous action in Piazza Affari to be traded little, but in which to invest a lot


In Piazza Affari on the main Ftse Mib list there is an anomalous action that must be studied well to avoid being disappointed by your investment. We are talking about Italgas one of the best large-cap utilities which is characterized by very low volatility in a sector that is already per se not very volatile. The volatility of Italgas, in fact, is worth 0.61 against a reference sector for which it is worth 0.67.

This characteristic must be kept very well in mind when you want to invest in the title. In times of sharp falls, in fact, low volatile equities drop little. On the other hand, in the periods of sharp rises they remain a little behind. Therefore, the investor must have these things in mind in order not to be disappointed.

A demonstration of what has just been said has taken place in recent months during the market crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the last 90 days Italgas, the reference sector and the Italian market have had the following performance -22.8% -25.7%, -29.5%, respectively. In the last 7 days, however, the performance was -4.1%, -0.9%, 0.6, respectively.

A very important advantage, however, of an anomalous action like Italgas is the yield of its coupon. The one distributed a few days ago, in fact, had a yield higher than 5% and is seen rising in the coming years.

At the conclusion of what has been said so far, therefore, we can say that lovers of wild trading would do well to stay away from the title. On the other hand, who wants to make a long-term investment could find an excellent tool in Italgas. To be clear, in the last 3 years Italgas has had a performance (taking into account the distributed dividend) of about 20%. In the same period, the reference sector lost 4% on average.

Graphical and forecast analysis on Italgas stock

Italgas (MIL: IG) closed the session on April 29 at € 4.87, up 0.33% on the previous session.

The current trend is bullish, but it is already eight weeks that he tries to be right, at the end of the week, of the strong resistance in the area € 4,9657. This inability to force upward is not very positive. We could therefore see retracements up to € 4.6165. Failure to maintain this level could lead to a bearish acceleration towards targets that we cannot currently calculate.

If the prices then start rising, the objectives are those indicated in the figure.


Italgas: bullish projection in progress on the weekly time frame. The blue line represents the running bisector levels; the red line the levels of The New Law of Vibration.


A utility company to stay away from for the time being

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