An angry calenda for Boccia’s spies. And Arcuri and Tridico also asphalt


The case of civic assistants to be enlisted to watch over the Italians is the drop that overflows Carlo Calenda’s vase. The former minister and leader of Action with a video lashes out against the “buffoons” in the government at the top of the management of the coronavirus emergency. Calenda launches his accusations with a video that puts in the sights Pasquale Tridico, president of INPS, the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency Covid Domenico Arcuri and the minister for regional affairs and autonomy Francesco Boccia to whom the broader edges.

Calenda is the proverbial river in flood. “What happened on the weekend? Tridico said that the Italians were flooded with money. Too bad 80 percent of the layoffs were paid in advance by the companies and the 600 euros at the VAT numbers arrived in tremendous delay”. Then it is Arcuri’s turn: “Talk to an imaginary friend when he says that with the reagents of the swabs it must not happen as with the masks? What are his responsibilities?”

But the apotheosis of the weekend according to Calenda is the initiative of the voluntary spies. “Boccia is unable to spend the European money that has been given since the first day of the crisis today he wants to hire the civic guards. Sixty thousand people without art or part must go around Italy with the meter to supervise and on rules that nobody Do you understand? Do you think it’s fair, legitimate, democratic? ” The civic guard is fine for Venezuela, then raises on Twitter.

The conclusion is obvious. For Calenda Tridico, Arcuri and Boccia “are three buffoons who don’t do their job but tell the Italians what to do, and also in a paternalistic tone”.

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