America, well explained: on Sunday the journalist Francesco Costa presents his book streaming for Forum Eventi


Explaining America to Europeans is difficult: there is always this half-familiarity in the middle – coming from books, films, travels – which deludes us that we already know it, even when it is not true. Then there are the many internal differences, and although we know it, we tend to forget its real scope and deeper reasons. Often journalists who try to explain them fall into clichés: an exception is Francesco Costa, deputy editor of, who has turned almost all of America, and now offers his essay “This is America” ​​(Mondadori ), the result of years of journalistic activity and field trips that Costa has also told through the newsletter and podcast “Da Costa a Costa”. The author presents the book on Sunday 31 May at 18 live on the Facebook page “BPER Forum Monzani” and on the Forum website.

“There are many places in the world that we know less than that of the United States of America,” Costa writes at the beginning of the book, “but there are no places with a wider gap than the United States between what we think we know and that that we actually know. ” Because of the gigantic US influence in our consumption and in our culture, in fact, “we think we know America well when in reality, in most cases, our idea is a mixture of clichés and little concrete information”, mixed to our “local political support”. The book tries to bridge this gap through some stories that allow you to get to know the people who live in the most powerful country in the world a little better, by answering some frequent questions about America and Americans: why this absurd health system? Why don’t they want to get rid of weapons? What is the secret and cost of the economic dominance of the United States? How do you get Barack Obama and Donald Trump to preside in a few years? The book shows the picture of a nation still very powerful but in the throes of enormous transformations and problems, a nation that is experiencing an era of profound and painful loss. In short, an America that is struggling to recognize itself: “The United States is going through a delicate moment. In recent years, a series of changes have taken place, social, demographic and economic transformations that have changed the identity of the country. Hence the inevitable loss. ”

It is possible to follow the meetings with the author of Forum Eventi live on the facebook page “BPER Forum Monzani” or from the website


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