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The hard punch promised by Trump has been there. A curfew has been declared in 25 American cities, a choice that has not stopped the urban guerrilla war. Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are raising the level of the clash: many social videos are filming on social networks that immortalize the escalation of the police and the army. While Trump appears to have identified the enemy to blame: “What is going on dishonors George Floyd’s memory and is the work of radical leftist groups,” he said during the conference for the historic launch of the Crew Dragon. Subsequently, he said that the United States will put Antifascists on the list of terrorist organizations.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, interviewed by CNN, asked Trump to shut up: “It’s just making things worse. Should stop talking. What happened in Charlottesville is happening again. ” Among other things, he also asked protesters to undergo the coronavirus swab. In his city 70 people were arrested for violating the curfew, which was extended until June 31st.

Meanwhile, the army has made its presence felt in Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was killed and the center of protests across the country. Police spoke of “dozens of arrests”, without specifying the exact number. But there was also a dead man. Tim Waltz, governor of Minnesota, denounced a cyber attack against “all state computers. It’s not about someone sitting in his basement. ” The nature of the hacker attack, and who perpetrated it, is not yet clear.

The policeman who killed George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, is accused of manslaughter. Family lawyer Benjamin Crump believes it is not the right accusation: “It was a premeditated murder. We think he had the intention, “he explained to CBS. “He kept his knee on the neck of a man begging to breathe for almost nine minutes, and for almost three minutes after he lost consciousness. We don’t understand how it’s not a first degree murder. ” Additionally, Crump wondered why the other three agents involved were not arrested.

A journalist from Vice News he told the police raid on Twitter: they were at a gas station when they decided to enter. It was useless to show the badges from journalists: Michael Anthony Adams was thrown on the ground, while another sprayed pepper spray on his face.

During the clashes in Jacksonville, Florida, another of the cities where a curfew started, a police officer was stabbed. Sheriff Mike Williams explained that his man was shot in the throat, and that he is in the hospital.

Police violence in New York is making headlines. In Brooklyn, two police cars put some demonstrators under arrest who were blocking them through the use of some barriers. Bill De Blasio, mayor of the Big Apple, specified that “I would have preferred they had not done it”, but defended the agents’ actions – “they had no other options”, made denied from the images from above -, and condemned the actions of the protesters: “It was not appropriate to surround a police car and threaten the agents”. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez criticized the words of the mayor: “nobody can launch an SUV on a crowd of human beings”.

Yesterday, a girl ended up in hospital because of a violent and sudden push – as well as unmotivated – by an agent. Today, however, a policeman sprayed a black boy’s pepper spray into his eyes: the young man was still, with his hands raised, he was collaborative.

Dermot Shea, New York police commissioner, despite criticism said he was “extremely proud” of the way his agents are handling the protests. 350 people were arrested on Saturday night alone. State governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that reinforcements will be sent to all cities.

And similar news comes from all over the country. In Houston, Texas, a mounted policeman has

Dont let them tell you it was peaceful in Downtown Houston #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd

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“target =” _ blank “rel =” noopener noreferrer “> loaded a group of demonstrators. In Los Angeles, an array of police officers shot a group of completely unarmed demonstrators. A peaceful protest was organized in Denver: thousands of people stretched out on the ground with their hands tied and sang “I can’t breathe.” Also in Atlanta, a moment of particular violence was reported by CBS reporters: the arrest of two people inside a stationary car. First, the woman was violently chased away from the vehicle, then another agent broke a window to shoot the driver with the taser. An escalation for which, at the moment, the end is not seen.

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