Ambush to Roberto Spada’s brother-in-law in Ostia, 3 arrests – Chronicle


The carabinieri identified the alleged perpetrators and instigator of the gunshot wound of Roberto Spada’s brother-in-law, which occurred on 20 April in Ostia. The military of the investigative nucleus of Ostia are notifying an order that orders three people to be placed in custody in prison, issued by the investigating magistrate of Rome at the request of the DDA, on charges of attempted murder. The fact of blood – the carabinieri make known – is part of the dynamics of “repositioning” of underworld groups on the “criminal checkerboard” of Ostia.

The victim of the ambush, a 51-year-old Roman, said he was hit by a bullet while walking in via Forni. After suddenly feeling a pain in his leg, he looked down and saw the blood, deciding to get in the car and go to the hospital. He had not added details on who had hurt him or how many they were and, above all, on a possible motive that could have pushed someone to pull the trigger during the day at a time when the streets of the capital were particularly monitored, to verify compliance the provisions for the containment of the coronavirus.


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