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Crucible, the first game of Amazon, is already considered a flop from many sides. The reason is simple: despite being a free-to-play and available on Steam, the largest video game platform in the world, it is already out of the top 100 of the most played titles. In fact, it’s already been out for quite a while, despite having just been launched.

On May 21, the day after launch, Crucible had registered a peak of more than 25,000 players connected simultaneously to the game servers, but already on May 22 it had disappeared from the top 100 of Steam, whose last positions are usually occupied by titles with about 5000 players active simultaneously. This means that in about 24 hours Crucible has fallen below 5000 players, losing well over 20,000.

Evidently the Amazon title did not fully convince the gamers, who abandoned it practically immediately, with all due respect to those who thought that Amazon could not fail just because Amazon.

If you want more information about the game, we invite you to read our review of Crucible, which just liked our Tommaso Valentini:
Hard to be positive on Crucible, unless you approach it as a completely casual game to be played in the evening with a group of friends on Discord. There are important structural problems and shortcomings that, at the dawn of 2020, cannot be digested by the public accustomed to high quality products in this genre. If we think that the market has already offered similar games, with a response that is never particularly satisfactory, that of Amazon Games takes more the appearance of a gamble rather than a project thought out and studied to stay for a long time. We hope to be proved wrong in the coming months but to date, Crucible is not the product we needed.

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