Amazon focuses on autonomous driving, near the acquisition of Zoox


MILAN – Amazon prepares a maxi acquisition in the autonomous driving sector. According to what they report Wall Street Journal is Financial Times, Jeff Bezos’ company would be to take over the startup Zoox, one of the most advanced company in the sector of driverless vehicles and engaged both in the development of autonomous driving technology and in the creation of vehicles. A complex and also very expensive mission if we consider that other rivals such as Cruise and Argo AI have instead giants behind the car, respectively, such as General Motors and Volkswagen.A surprise move that of Amazon, which just a year ago had been among the main sponsors of the $ 530 million financing round raised by Aurora, autonomous driving start-up, competitor of Zoox itself.
Born in 2014, Zoox was the first company to develop driverless cars to obtain a passenger license in California and two years ago, after raising $ 500 million, it had been valued at $ 3.2 billion. Last month, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the company had been forced to leave 100 employees at home, accounting for 10% of its workforce.The figures of the possible transaction are not known and neither Amazon nor Zoox asked on the matter wanted to comment. According to PitchBook industry analyst Asad Hussen, given the company’s strong devaluation, “1.1 billion could be a fair price for the company.”

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