Alyx, the 1.4 patch introduces an incredible liquid physics and subtitles in Italian –


Half-Life: Alyx now has another source of wonder in its virtual world, it is a marginal detail but of great impact, namely the liquid physics applied to the game with the patch 1.4, among the other new features included with the update which also include i Italian subtitles.

Valve developer Matthew Wilde, who specializes in graphic effects, said he “spent a good chunk of the lockdown doing this important job: alcohol shaders,” as reported in the tweet below. It is therefore an effect based on shader, but the result is truly impressive and very close to reality.

Being Half-Life: Alyx a game in virtual reality, also a particular like this amplifies the effect of involvement and realism which already impresses in the Valve game, considered probably the best video game application of virtual reality currently in circulation.

Among the other innovations introduced by patch 1.4, we also report the introduction of subtitles in Italian and other languages, as well as performance and user interface improvements, a series of corrections and a wide additions to the shop linked to the game, which allows you to build new content in a particularly thorough way.

As we have seen, the Steam Workshop dedicated to Half-Life: Alyx was opened last week and from here on we will probably see a lot of mod based on the Valve game, while the game dragged VR headset sales to launch.

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