Always dead when braking. Healings resume faster. 397 infections


On the streets of the capital with the mask – Pino Ciociola

The dead are really braking. THE infections increase slightly (397) compared to yesterday (300)but it should be an insignificant fluctuation (an average of 662 new cases per day were recorded last week). There Lombardy seems to have finally put itself on a still long but now good road (and the Region corrects the data on Sunday’s deaths, no longer anyone, but 3). The race for healing is getting faster. THE admitted to the Covid wards, they drop to less than 8 thousand and it did not happen from March 14, when it was 7,426 (rose in the following twenty-four hours to 8,372)

Speaking of inpatients, let’s see how the hospitalizations for coronavirus have changed in this month and in the last two. The May 1 there were 100,943 positive ascertained, the1.5% (1,578) were in intensive care, the 17.4% (17.659) admitted to Covid hospital wards and the81% (81,796) in isolation without mild symptoms or symptoms. Today (May 26) there are 52,942 positive ascertained, lo 0.9% (521) is in intensive care, the 14.9% (7,917) in the Covid departments and the84% (44.504) in isolation without mild symptoms or symptoms. So the percentages of those who enter the hospital have fallen and that of those who have no symptoms or have mild ones, but both in a not too significant way. The changes today are much more marked, referring to the day when the highest number of positives was recorded (108,257), the April 19: the 2.4% (2,635) were in intensive care, the 23.1% (25,033) in Covid departments and the 74.4% (80.589) in isolation without mild symptoms or symptoms. Here are the data of the daily update from the Civil Protection.

New infections. I’m 397 (Wednesday 665, Thursday 642, Friday 652, Saturday 669, Sunday 531 and yesterday 300) e 159 of these (40% of the total) are registered in Lombardy (Wednesday 294, Thursday 316, Friday 293, Saturday 441, Sunday 285 and 148 yesterday). The swabs made are 57.674 (Wednesday 63.158, Thursday 71.679, Friday 75.380, Saturday 72.410, Sunday 55.824 and yesterday 35.241), with a positivity ratio that at 0.7% touches a new low (yesterday 0.9%).

Dead. I’m 78 (Wednesday 161, Thursday 156, Friday 130, Saturday 119, Sunday 50 and yesterday 92) e 22 of these are in Lombardy (Wednesday 65, Thursday 65, Friday 57, Saturday 56, Sunday 3 and yesterday 34). The national total rises to 32955 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Total of cases. I’m 230555 the people who have contracted Covid-19 (including healed and deceased) since the start of the pandemic, that is, those infected so far.

Positive news. I’m 52942 (Wednesday 62.752, Thursday 60.960, Friday 59.322, Saturday 57.752, Sunday 56.594 and yesterday 55.300), 2,358 less than yesterday (Wednesday minus 2,377, Thursday minus 1,792, Friday minus 1,638, Saturday minus 1,570, Sunday minus 1,158 and yesterday 1,294).

Hospitalized in intensive care. I’m 521 (Wednesday 676, Thursday 640, Friday 595, Saturday 572, Sunday 553 and yesterday 541).

Admitted to ordinary hospital wards. I’m 7,917 people (Wednesday 9,624, Thursday 9,269, Friday 8,957, Saturday 8,695, Sunday 8,613 and yesterday 8,185), 268 less than yesterday.

In isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. I’m 44504 people (Wednesday 52.452, Thursday 51.051, Friday 49.770, Saturday 48.485, Sunday 47.428 and yesterday 46.574), that is always 84% of the current positives.

Heal and resign. I’m 2,677 (Wednesday 2,881, Thursday 2,278, Friday 2,160, Saturday 2,120, Sunday 1,639 and yesterday 1,502), bringing the total number from the beginning of the pandemic to 144,658.

The regional detail. The currently positive cases are 24,477 in Lombardy, 6,941 in Piedmont, 4,146 in Emilia-Romagna, 3,538 in Lazio, 2,431 in Veneto, 1,575 in the Marche, 1,539 in Puglia, 1,522 in Tuscany, 1,438 in Liguria, 1,430 in Sicily, 1,184 in Campania, 909 in Abruzzo, 513 in the autonomous province of Trento, 375 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 238 in Calabria, 224 in Sardinia, 179 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 174 in Molise, 42 in Umbria, 36 in Basilicata and 31 in Aosta Valley.

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