Also skips last day online school, June 8 teachers’ strike


The unions did not “welcome” the school approval approved in the Senate with the vote of confidence which established, among other things, that for the hiring of the 32 thousand precarious workers, a competition will be required for exams and not for qualifications to be made after the ‘summer. But the category representatives are also worried about the resumption of lessons in September: they ask, among other things, to reduce the number of pupils per class and allow teaching to smaller groups but recognize that they are not working in this direction; they would like a competition reserved for the directors of general and administrative services acting with at least three years of service; argue that renewal of the contract with additional resources must be ensured.

According to the trade unions, between 4 and 5 billion are needed for the school – excluding the sums necessary for school construction – while at the moment the government has allocated 1.5 for the return in September. In short, the return between the benches seems studded with difficulties. In the document developed by the Scientific Technical Committee, reference is made, among other things, to the possibility that even middle school children, in addition to those of high school, may be offered, at least in part, forms of distance learning to reduce the concentration of pupils in school environments. Not so would predict the task force chaired by Professor Bianchi and established at the Ministry of Education: in recent days Amanda Ferrario, school manager who is part of the working group, had said that mixed teaching would be reserved for high school students while for those in elementary and middle school, the only focus is on face-to-face teaching.

The hypothesis of classes with fewer pupils and also possibly of shorter lessons was advanced. The guidelines for returning to class in September also seem to put school directors in serious difficulty for whom the Committee document “offers useful reflections but not solutions”. “I would not like – says Antonello Giannelli, president of the PNA, the national association of principals – that to become the principal became a sort of impossible mission. We are asked to make a circle square that nobody can make square and do not give solutions”.

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina for her part reassures: “In September we will bring male and female students back to school. We will also do so by following the indications of the document of the Technical Scientific Committee which identifies clear and common sense rules”. The first test will certainly be the high school exam which will involve 480 thousand students in September.

However, the question of returning students to class for the last day of school still remains open, an idea launched by the Deputy Minister of Education Anna Ascani and which had found many shares but which had found the opposition of the Technical Scientific Committee. The hypothesis is to allow, at least for students of the last classes of school cycles, to meet outdoors, in squares or parks.

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