Also Putignano among the Municipalities subjected to serological survey COVID-19


8064 Apulian residents in 96 Municipalities will voluntarily undergo serological tests. 2508 only in the province of Bari among which there are also those of Putignano

Putignano Ba – Il Ministry of Health, on indication of Scientific Technical Committee, promoted with theNational Institute of Statistics – ISTAT un ’population serum prevalence survey inherent in the infection from Sars-Cov-2 virus, which started on Monday, May 25th.

If you get a call from the number beginning with 06-5510, and the Italian Red Cross who calls and it’s not a phone scam.

I’m 150,000 people involved, residing in two thousand municipalities, selected by ISTAT as the representative sample of the entire Italian population. Among these there will also be a sample of just over 8,000 units from the Puglia region. Among the municipalities designated for testing also Putignano (51 withdrawals), together with other neighboring municipalities: Adelfia – Altamura – Bari – Bitonto – Bitritto – Capurso – Casamassima – Cellamare – Conversano (55 samples) – Corato – Gioia del Colle (53 samples) – Gravina in Puglia – Grumo Appula – Locorotondo – Modugno – Mola di Bari – Molfetta – Monopoli – Walnuts (79 samples) – Noicattaro – Palo del Colle – Rutigliano – Ruvo di Puglia – Santeramo in Colle – Terlizzi -Triggiano.

The selected people will be contacted by telephone from the regional centers of the Italian Red Cross to schedule an appointment for blood collection in one of the selected laboratories. The withdrawal can also be performed at home if the subject is fragile or vulnerable. At the time of contact, you will also be asked to answer a specific questionnaire prepared by Istat, in agreement with the Scientific and Technical Committee.The Region will communicate the outcome of the examination to each participant residing in the territory. In the event of a positive diagnosis, the interested party will be placed in temporary home isolation and contacted by their regional health service or local health authority to make a nose-pharyngeal swab to check for any state of contagiousness. The confidentiality of the participants will be maintained for the duration of the survey.

All participants will be assigned an anonymous identification number for the acquisition of the test result. The link of this identification number with individuals will be managed by the investigation team and will be disclosed only to authorized bodies.

To obtain more precise results, it is essential that people, included in the random sample, give their contribution: participating is not mandatory but it is good for themselves and for the whole community.

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