also check at home on people at risk


«The first rule I tell my collaborators is: interview them alone, the positives. To four eyes, without having family around, maybe his wife. So they can tell you all about who they met before and after contracting virus». Enrico Di Rosa, director of the Health and Public Health Service (SISP) of ASL Roma 1, tells it. From that armchair, he commands the virus detectives who act in the heart of the capital. Experts who hunt for those who have been in contact with the patients of the Covid, more and more people without symptoms. Decisive professionals, especially now that you are entering phase 2, to prevent the disease from multiplying again without control. For this reason too, inspections are planned in the homes of positive suspects or in the workplace.

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Serological tests, there are those who say no: 6 out of 10 do not trust. The exam for 15 euros

Coronavirus, Vaia (Spallanzani): «There are still many asymptomatics around, they are the cause of possible new cases»

It is no coincidence that the government has included this activity, contact tracing, among the parameters that make up the contagion index of each region. And Pisana has decided to double them, the virus detectives: from 100 experts, in Lazio they will move to 200, fishing among the doctors already working for the health service but also hiring new ones. Recruitment times: very short. A couple of weeks. To help them in this delicate but also very artisan task – made up of interviews, cross-checks on the data, checks on the spot – 490 newly hired nurses will arrive.
In the first phase of the epidemic, the discovery of a new infected involved an average of 9 suspicious contacts, always explains the head of the Sisp of the ASL 1. After the first weeks of lockdown, with the movements reduced to a minimum, we went down to 2-3 contacts, mostly family. But now, in full phase 2, we return to the initial levels. For this there is a need for more and more staff: hygienists, health assistants, prevention technicians. It is up to them to reconstruct the movements of those who test positive after the swab.

Speed ​​of action is essential. As told to Seresmi, the regional service for epidemiology and surveillance of infectious diseases headed by Spallanzani, has to identify “by whom the patient may have contracted the virus and who may have transmitted it”. In the first case, we go backwards by reconstructing the contacts of the last week (the incubation time of Covid is 5-6 days). To understand instead to whom the virus may have been transmitted by the neo-positive, it is probed in the 3-4 days following the onset of symptoms. «Like detective, we do several interviews to the same patient, to help him remember – resumes Di Rosa dell’Asl Roma 1 – in the meantime we take names, addresses and telephone numbers of contacts. We consider high risk, in addition to cohabitants, those who have been for at least 15 minutes less than one meter from the patient, without protections. After that, we often proceed with inspections: at the workplace, in homes, in the RSA ». For suspected high-risk cases, isolation for 2 weeks is mandatory, if no symptoms occur. “If instead the fever goes up, you make the swab.” The lists end up at the Prefecture, for checks: 10 were found to violate and quarantine.


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