“Already engaged, pact with girl and mom” – Libero Quotidiano


Barbara D’Urso’s columnist Biagio D’Anelli blows up the Throne Over? His signaling risks damaging the relationship between Gemma Galgani and his very young suitor Sirius, aka Nicola. The 26 year old would be already engaged and would have made a “secret pact“with the girl and the mother to seek popularity on TV. In short, another case Sara Affi Fella to Men and women, another nice hot potato for Maria De Filippi. ”

We laughed and we joked, now I tell you the truth because it is not fair to make fun of people but above all the editorial staff of Men and Women – writes on Instagram D’Anelli -. Nicola (Sirius) is happily engaged. The absurd thing: he agreed with his mother and his girlfriend to attach himself to the bandwagon of popularity (sorry) for Gemma “,

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