Allan can finally fulfill his dream, Ancelotti permitting. Gattuso has chosen Nandez


Allan Marques Loureiro finished the Everton’s viewfinder. But watch out for PSG who never gave up on the idea of ​​taking him to Paris.

The true Allan the Naples he enjoyed it until December 2018, or the first part of the season license plate Carlo Ancelotti. Super performance of the Brazilian who, in his role, seemed unrivaled in the world. And that’s why in January 2019 the PSG to make him the court in ways to tell the truth little correct: the French pressed the footballer without asking the Neapolitan club. And so De Laurentiis he got very angry to the point of shooting very high numbers for his card. And so the PSG ran away in disarray, confusing Allan who, from the missed dream of playing with Neymar is Mbappe in Paris it has probably never recovered by offering hiccups that are certainly not comparable to those offered between the championship and the Champions League in the previous months and years.

January 2019 was certainly the most turbulent month, from the contractual point of view, of Allan Marques Loureiro. From that moment on only disappointments and a relationship with Napoli that has gradually frayed. And the mutiny was the most critical moment of the split between the parties. Now the moment of farewell seems to have come, also because of the feeling with the coach Gennaro Gattuso it never took off. By the way Ringhio seems to have said “yes” to the arrival of Nahitan Nandez Cagliari in its place. Allan likes Ancelotti’s Everton, but watch out for Paris Saint Germain who never really left the scene. The dream of the carioca mastiff can finally come true and this time De Laurentiis won’t say no.

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