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The shift between regions is a theme that divides the government and Italy: what will be done next June 3? Two hypotheses that the government will submit to the governors in the conference convened for tomorrow, Saturday 30 May: either 7-day delay, therefore reopening on 10 June, or reopening – but all together – on 3 June. Provided that only Lombardy and Piedmont remain closed. The goal is to avoid tears between the regions, also considering the threats of the governors of the South who actually threatened to block the doors to the North. In conclusion, a transfer option is not excluded that provides a “short quarantine” for those moving to certain areas. Rule that will apply, explains Corriere della Sera, also for foreigners who will arrive in Italy.

However the government’s line is to proceed all together: unless there is a surge in positives in Lombardy or new regions, it will propose to to confirm the free movement of people from next Wednesday. As for the “short quarantine”, it is four to five days, those necessary to exclude that the person has contracted the coronavirus. But the rule is likely to discourage the recovery of tourism and, therefore, could be rejected.

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