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Football starts again, even in Italy. It is now official. And it is good from any point of view you want to face the question: technical, economic, social. But then there is a whole ball that continued to roll off the field. Because the Coronavirus effect will have very heavy impacts on the budgets of the individual clubs and of the whole football system, inevitably also on the transfer market dynamics. We talked about this with Antonio Di Cianni, manager of KPMG Sports Advisory, between dates still binding and new forms of the market to come.

Doctor Di Cianni, June 30 is approaching. Is this always the “x” day to conclude transactions necessary to fix the balance sheet?
“To date, yes. It is good to underline the fact that it is so today, but in a few days the situation will probably change. By that date it is necessary to register disposals and capital gains such as to fall within the parameters of the UEFA Financial Fair Play, but it is a date that follows the end of the football season. It is legitimate to imagine that this too will change soon ”

“UEFA has already announced that it will most likely make some stakes less stringent, the most important one is perhaps that of the date by which to return the necessary capital gains. The ideal would be to postpone the date from 30 June to 31 July or even better to 31 August, from many points of view it would be important that this time too the conclusion of the sporting season can be followed. In this regard, it is possible to assume that, assuming it is possible from case to case, the clubs decide to postpone the closure of the balance sheet, obviously referring to those who operate from 1 July to 30 June and not following the calendar year. But this has not yet been officially communicated, so many companies are working on the market so as not to be caught unprepared “

If it were not extended, what effects would there be?
“Potentially embarrassing situations would emerge. Because the clubs should sell players, but they cannot do without them until the end of the season. An example for everyone, there is a lot of talk about the Pjanic operation between Juve and Barcelona: imagine a Champions League final between these teams, there would be not only rumors and rumors to manage, but players who have already officially passed from one team to another “

And more generally, what market will it be?
“The football system is already undergoing a heavy devaluation of the market value of the players, in order to contain the effects on the balance sheet it will most likely be necessary to resort to exchanges. This obviously, however, between clubs of equal rank. For the rest I think it is inevitable to have to lower claims and accept formulas as loans maybe two years ”

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