All Olympia 2020 eBikes with the super Power Nine 900Wh battery


Cicli Olympia, an Italian company to the core, has one really very interesting eBike 2020 line-up, which we invite you to discover on its official website. To make a sensation, however, was mainly the new Olympia Power Nine 900Wh battery, which we want to talk about in depth.

We already talked about the battery some time ago on the occasion of the announcement, but today we want to deepen the technique behind the device. The company has managed to create a 900Wh battery assembling LG 21700 lithium cells, a new standard that allows the best size / energy ratio developed.

50 cells used exactly, which form a total of 900Wh, taking advantage of the space of a common standard battery thanks to a careful arrangement of the cells in an oblique tube of contained dimensions and harmonious lines. A battery that promises autonomy up to 290 km on flat terrain or 120 km in the hills and 2,400 meters in altitude, capable of adapting to engines of above average power without problems (the company declares 85NM for OLI and 100NM for M100), thus allowing the use of the bicycle without limitations of any kind.

The accumulator is also flanked by a 4Ah charger, which means that we will have one 100% charged in just over 6 hours. This innovative battery can be found on board the Olympia EX 900 Sport, the Olympia EX 900 Prime and the EX 900, thus arriving at the Performer 900 and Performer 900 Prime, the Mistral 900 X and Mistral 900 GT.

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