All borders open for those arriving from European countries – La Stampa


From June 3, Italy reopens to tourists arriving from abroad. Unless last-minute second thoughts, the decree in force does not impose any surveillance measures for those arriving from Schengen countries. To these should be added two states: Switzerland and Monaco.

Starting from next Wednesday “travel to and from abroad can be limited (..) according to principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk and in compliance with the constraints deriving from the European Union regulations and international obligations”.

But the reopening to tourists who come from abroad risks taking place without a principle, that of reciprocity. Some European countries, such as Austria and Greece, have decided to close to our compatriots. In France, however, it will be possible to go freely provided that you have a self-certification and declaration of absence of symptoms from Covid-19 with you. Even Britain does not provide for restrictions for Italians even if starting from 8 June a two-week quarantine will be mandatory for those coming from abroad.

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