All about Pjanic’s yes and Arthur’s no. But Juve has no discount at Barcelona: contacts resumed with PSG and Chelsea | First page


The situation is more or less this. As simple as it is complex, so perhaps it is worth going one step at a time. Juve and Barcelona have both said yes about the possibility of entering into a maxi operation that will fix both clubs’ balance sheet and field. Juve said yes to the request to sell Miralem Pjanic. Barcelona said yes to the request to sell Arthur, albeit with different ratings that would then have led to the inclusion of other players to balance the picture (another story in any case). Then Pjanic said yes to Barcelona. But Arthur said no to Barcelona even more than Juve: does not want to leave Catalunya, does not want to be used as an exchange pawn, does not want to be unloaded so quickly. And then the carousel starts again in reverse. Barcelona, ​​with the yes of Pjanic, seeks that of Juve by proposing other players. But Juve said no to Ivan Rakitic, no to Arturo Vidal, no to Ousmane Dembélé and so on. No to them for Pjanic, the answer may well change, but it is difficult. So the negotiation stops. WALL AGAINST WALL – Stops because Arthur points his feet. And if Arthur puts his foot down, Juve doesn’t free Pjanic. With Barcelona bouncing between two walls, despite having already found an agreement with the Bosnian. Because this time the Juventus club does not seem willing to revise its positions, moreover Pjanic’s own card could be useful in other negotiations, in order of player preference there are still Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea, it is not said that this is the same order of preference as Juve. Meanwhile, Barcelona, ​​meanwhile Arthur. Who says no to Barcelona even more than to the black and white club. And the negotiation stops. But May will only end in a few days, there is still plenty of time to convince and convince yourself, to change your mind and turn a no into a yes.

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