Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, Tonale production, electric Fiat 500, FCA-PSA merger: the best news of the week


Welcome back on for the fourth appointment of the month of May with our Sunday column dedicated to best news of the week (18-24 May). In the last seven days we have seen the arrival of a large number of news dedicated to the Italian four-wheel world and, in particular, to the Alfa Romeo world.

As for the Italian brand, in fact, there has been talk of the debut of the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY 2020, which can be ordered from this week. Also note the official debut of the new one 2.0 250 HP turbo petrol for the Veloce di Giulia and Stelvio installations (useful for avoiding the Superbollo).

Also in these days there has been production recovery for the Alfa Romeo models in Cassino but the plant closed after a few days of activity to prepare for a new production maxi-stop. Also noteworthy is new information on the state of the work of theAlfa Romeo Tonale. The new C-SUV of the Italian manufacturer may arrive late compared to what has been hypothesized in recent months.

Among the other news of the week, we also point out new information on the electric Fiat 500. FCA revealed the production target and she has also returned to talk about a possible Abarth variant. In the meantime there has also been talk of merger between FCA and PSA he was born in loan with state guarantees that FCA will request by taking advantage of the recent government decree.

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Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo week began with several new features for the Italian range. These days, in fact, the brand has announced l‘Opening of orders for the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY 2020, models that had been unveiled in early May. At the same time, Alfa Romeo also announced the debut of the new 250 HP 2.0 turbo petrol for Giulia and Stelvio Veloce MY 2020.

Also, with the start of the week, Giulia and Stelvio production resumed at the Cassino plant. The Lazio site had been stopped for over 2 months due to the lockdown. The production recovery for the Alfa Romeo models was very short since the plant was in operation for just 3 working days.

Immediately after the new production stop for the Alfa Romeo models, confirmation of the rumors of the last few days has arrived. The Cassino plant will stand still until June 30, thanks to the redundancy fund provided for by the relaunch decree. Subsequently, the reopening will be minimal with new stops scheduled for July and with the summer closure scheduled for August.

The future Alfa Romeo Tonale will be the reference model for the relaunch of the Alfa Romeo brand. The new C-SUV will be produced in the Pomigliano d’Arco plant from the second half of 2021, according to official information released by FCA. Meanwhile, from union sources, we learn that the pre-production works of the Tonale have not yet started (due to the lockdown that has blocked the Neapolitan plant since March).

Also note that the Model Year 2020 of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is available in North America. The small sports car of the Italian company will definitely leave the scene during this year and the units available in North America (there is also the special Italy series made in very few units) will be the last ones destined for the local market.

Meanwhile, a specimen of Alfa Romeo Giulia, with a number of changes for the transportation of medical products, he joined the Piacenza Red Cross fleet and will be used on the front lines to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.

Among the articles of the week dedicated to the models that made the history of the Alfa Romeo brand, we highlight a special dedicated to theAlfa Romeo 6C Sport Sedan Pininfarina, a real piece of history of the Italian brand.

In this article published in recent days we see how the historic has evolved over the years collaboration between Alfa Romeo and the Italian law enforcement agencies who have seemed to have an eye for the models produced by the Italian house. In the meantime, a 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal model is on sale in an online auction.

Also noteworthy is an interesting study that puts I compare current Giulia with her direct ancestor. These are two models that, in one way or another, have made the history of the Italian brand and represent a symbol of Alfa Romeo production.


These days, FCA has returned to talk about the New Fiat 500. The future electric city car of the Italian company will go into production during the summer. The company specified which suppliers they are production targets for the new electric 500 for 2020 and 2021 going, therefore, to define what will be the objectives of the zero emission city car for the next few months.

Still on the Fiat 500 theme, these days we have recorded the arrival of new statements by Luca Napolitano, head of Fiat for the EMEA area. The manager spoke of the new infotainment and of how to recharge the 500 zero emissions and also issued a statement regarding a possible Abarth variant.

The recovery in production in the FCA plants in Italy, for the moment, has not involved the Fiat Panda. The A segment of the Italian brand, which has long been the best seller on the Italian market, is still stuck. At the moment, as confirmed by the unions, there is no official date for the productive recovery of the Panda in Pomigliano d’Arco.

According to some rumors, Panda could return to production in early June although much will depend on the trend of car sales in Italy. The Panda, in fact, is a model almost entirely linked to the Italian market which, currently, has registered a collapse due to the Coronavirus emergency.

In the meantime, a render test to anticipate the design of the future generation of the Fiat Panda. Segment A of the Italian brand should record the arrival of a new generation in 2022. The project, derived from the Centoventi Concept, should present an all-electric drive and bring the Panda from segment A to segment B.

We also report an in-depth article dedicated to the Fiat 147, model intended for the South American market that came derived from the Fiat 127, one of the symbolic models in the history of the Fiat brand. Also note a article dedicated to the Fiat 133 and another in which we analyzed the prototype Fiat City Car dating back to the 70s.


In the wake of the latest government decrees regarding “phase 2” of the ongoing health emergency, these days Ferrari has announced the reopening of the museums in Maranello and Modena which, after several weeks of lockdown, reopen their doors to the public.

In this week a specimen of Ferrari F40 is back on the market, one of the reference models of the entire supercar production of the Maranello company. Such a specimen it has traveled less than 10,000 kilometers and is in excellent condition characterized as a real deal for the collector who will make the purchase. For sale, in North America, also a specimen of the F40 with about 300 kilometers traveled.

Ferrari F40 311 km

In terms of sales, we point out that RM Sotheby’s offers several exclusive items at auction. Among the models on sale there is also a very recent Ferrari 488 Pista Spider with bodywork characterized by an exclusive livery. On sale, for almost 3 million Euros, also a copy of Ferrari Enzo from 2003

We also report an in-depth article on the Ferrari 225 S, a model produced in the 50s which was also the first supercar of the Italian house to be tested on the Imola circuit by the Maranello company. In this article instead, we see one of the most beautiful specimens of Ferrari Portofino created by the division Tailor Made.

As for Formula 1, pending the restart of the championship, in this article we analyzed the recent appointment of Carlos Sainz Jr as new Ferrari driver after the decision, arrived last week, of the Maranello house not to renew the contract in Vettel. These days have also arrived new statements by Sainz Sr on the potential of the son.

We also report new Sainz statements on the resumption of tenders. Also note that Piero Ferrari commented on the choice to replace Vettel with Sainz emphasizing how, for 2020, Binotto’s role in managing Vettel will be important. The former world champion will be called to give his best despite his farewell has already been confirmed.

This week, Formula 1 teams approved a number of changes to the rules aimed at ensuring the future of the competition. The news of the agreement concern budget Postal Code is aerodynamics handicap. More details in this article.


These days, Maserati has released a new teaser of the future Maserati MC20, the new sports car which will be officially presented in September. The future MC20, in this new teaser, pays homage to the successes achieved by the brand at Targa Florio during the 1940s.

This week, as regards the classic Maserati models, we offer you a video in which Jay Leno tests one of the very few Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage specimens in existence. The car dates back to the late 1950s and was made in just 16 copies. It is one of the symbolic models of the Trident brand for the period between the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Also note an article dedicated to Maserati 150S and one dedicated to Maserati Tipo 151, two competition models that occupy a special place in the history of the Trident.


There Jeep Wrangler it is, without doubt, one of the most iconic models of the American brand range and represents a real point of reference for the production of FCA in North America. To adapt to new market trends, Jeep could make one electric variant of Wrangler in the near future.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the Jeep brand has launched the new Jeep Renegade Upland, a new variant of the compact crossover that also represents the entry level proposal of the brand’s range both in North America and in Europe.

Also note that The launch of a more compact pickup than the Gladiator has been denied while the online configurator of the new Wrangler Mojave, first vehicle in the Desert Rated range


In these days, taking advantage of the provisions of the Liquidity Decree, FCA has confirmed its willingness to apply for a loan of over € 6 billion taking advantage of the possibility of obtaining partials state guarantees. After the announcement, some government officials commented on the news highlighting how it is right to help FCA.

To get this loan with state guarantees, FCA will have to resolve the issue of the extraordinary dividend under the merger agreement with PSA. This agreement cannot be changed and the government will have to carefully evaluate the issue before giving the ok to the loan.

As for the merger between FCA and PSA, these days have arrived new statements by John Elkann that has confirmed the timing of the operation, also underlining the importance of the merger between the two groups in such a delicate moment for the world of four wheels. in the meantime PSA has announced that the next annual general meeting will be held behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, in Italy, in these days the complete production recovery for the Melfi plant where the Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass models are made. The activities involve almost all the employees of the plant who, in the coming weeks, will only partially resort to layoffs.

This week, FCA, together with other American manufacturers, has restarted production in its American factories starting the “phase 2” of the Coronavirus emergency also in North America after restarting production in Europe and, in particular, in Italy between the end of April and the beginning of May. Note that Canadian factories are also ready to restart of the group.

in USA, in view of a complete production recovery, FCA has started a collaboration with Beaumont Health to test its employees and maximize safety levels, avoiding the risk of further spread of Coronavirus in the company’s American factories which will have to return to full operation as soon as possible. The company has also resumed production activities in Argentina.

As for the production recovery, these days FCA has announced that too Indian factories are about to return to business although the health situation in India is still very complicated, with still high infections. Note that the Tychy plant in Poland is also preparing for production restart even if the reopening she slipped in early June.

In Brazil, where the Coronavirus emergency is still very strong due to the high number of infections, FCA has just delivered a new field hospital to Pernambuco. The facility is fully equipped to cope with the ongoing health emergency. Note that FCA also confirmed the drastic drop in sales in Brazil in May.

The Coronavirus emergency has created a real one collapse of the four-wheeler market in Europe in April. Here how the sales of FCA and the various brands of the group went which, like the rest of the market, recorded very negative sales results.

Also note that these days FCA and ENGIE Eps have announced the start of work on the Vehicle-to-Grid pilot project at the Mirafiori plant. The very ambitious project is expected to start bearing fruit in a short time.

Our Sunday column for the best news of the week ends with this news. The next appointment is set for Sunday 31 May. We remind you to continue following us these days, both from the site and from our social channels (find all the useful links at the beginning of the article), for all updates on the world of Italian four wheels

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