Alfa Romeo, FCA loan, new Fiat models, Maserati D-SUV: the best news of the week


Welcome back on for the last appointment of the month of May with our Sunday section dedicated to best news of the last seven days (from Monday 25 to today Sunday 31 May) for the Alfa Romeo world, the FCA group and, more generally, the entire Italian four-wheel sector.

In the past week, various topics have been discussed, even if, with a market still far from a complete recovery, there is the risk of having to deal with the delay of several new projects originally planned for the next few months. in any case, several important updates on the merger between FCA and PSA It is on loan (with state guarantees) requested by FCA Italy.

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Alfa Romeo

This week we went back to take care ofAlfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, the sporty SUV of the Italian house that has gained recognition and appreciation all over the world thanks to the way in which the project manages to embody the essence of the Alfa Romeo brand even with an SUV body. In these days, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is the protagonist of a drag race with the rival Porsche Macan.

Between render of the week dedicated to the Alfa Romeo world we recommend the project Alfa Romeo Pordoi Quadrifoglio, a digital processing that tries to anticipate the design of a future SUV with a marked sporty character for the E segment of the market. It would therefore be a larger model than the Stelvio.

Among the articles of the week dedicated to the history of Alfa Romeo we mention a in-depth analysis on the Alfa Romeo P3, one of the most important pieces of history of the Italian brand. The car, produced in the 1930s, was one of the best competition cars ever made, managing to offer top-level technical content for the era in which it was designed.

Also noteworthy is a video dedicated to an almost CV copy of the Alfa Romeo 155 V6, car symbol of Alfa Romeo production of the 90s and still one of the most popular models in the recent history of the Italian brand.

On the subject of Formula 1, these days the first rumors have come about a possible arrival of Mick Schumacher in Alfa Romeo from the 2021 season with the likely farewell of Kimi Raikkonen. For young Schumacher, in any case, the path to Formula 1 is very difficult.

Also noteworthy is the arrival of new statements by Giovinazzi that underlines the importance of the simulator to be able to train their skills during an emergency period like the one we have experienced in recent months.


The future of Fiat it becomes more and more clear week by week. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the Italian brand is preparing to say goodbye to the Fiat 500L and, in a few years, also to the Fiat 500X. There will be room for one in Fiat’s future range Fiat 500XL, a model that, in fact, will unify the 500L and 500X in a single project.

Meanwhile, Fiat has confirmed that it is working on a return to segment B of the market abandoned a few years ago with the end of Fiat Punto production. The Italian brand, in recent months, he is working on an heir to the Fiat Punto which, in the future, could be developed starting from the CMP platform of the PSA group. Also note that Fiat is also considering an SUV version of the Tipo, to further expand the brand’s potential in the C segment.

New Fiat 500 Elettrica One-Shot

In addition, these days Fiat has released the trailer of the docu-film “One Shot” dedicated to the design of the three one-offs of the Fiat 500 Elettrica presented last March on the occasion of the public debut of the new zero emission city car of the Italian company.

It should also be noted that the Fiat Strada confirms a reference model of the South American range of Fiat. As evidenced by recent sales data, in fact, the model was the best-selling in its category in Brazil during the first four months of the year. Meanwhile, the Fiat Strada 2021 will debut in about a month.

We close the chapter on Fiat news this week with a in-depth analysis dedicated to the Fiat 1400, a car produced in the 50s by the Turin brand. It is a very important project for the history of the brand and it was the first car of the brand with a supporting body.


Among the news of the week relating to Ferrari we record a Ferrari 488 GTB test drive with Capristo exhaust. Also noteworthy is a video dedicated to Ferrari 412 Ventorosso, a one-off never appreciated by purists and enthusiasts of the Maranello house productions, and a video of the Ferrari Monza SP2 engaged in the curves of the Dolomites.

In the meantime, the new one Ferrari Rome, the supercar presented last November is preparing to cross the ocean to be marketed also in Brazil. The car would have already collected several expressions of interest from potential local customers.

Ferrari Rome

As for Formula 1, these days we have recorded the arrival of new statements by Leclerc. The driver from the Maranello team commented the arrival of Carlos Sainz jr who, from next year, will become a Ferrari driver taking the place of Vettel with whom the Italian company has not renewed the contract expiring towards the end of the current year.

Also note that Leclerc is aware that he does not have the number 1 status in Ferrari after Sainz’s arrival. The current Ferrari driver also pointed out that “There is still much to do” to make the Maranello car competitive to win the world championship already this year or during the next year. In any case, the Maranello driver foresees a great battle for the 2020 title.

In the meantime, they emerge new details on the farewell between Vettel and Ferrari. According to some reports, in fact, the former world champion had already talked to Mercedes in recent months about a possible change of team. At the moment, however, there seems to be no room for Vettel in Mercedes.

Despite the difficult time, Vettel does not seem to have come to the end of his career. It should also be noted that several opinions have started to circulate in these days regarding possible disobedience of Vettel to stable orders during the season which should start in the next few months and which will be the last in Ferrari for the former world champion. In the meantime, according to Piero Ferrari, no driver is superior to the Italian team.

Meanwhile, in view of the start of the championship, Ferrari is working on an evolution of its engine that should guarantee gods Extra CV to improve performance and reduce the gap with direct competitors. In the meantime, Formula 1 cars will be heavier from next season.


Among the news of the week relating to the Maserati brand we mention a in-depth study dedicated to the 1958 Maserati 450S, a beautiful coupe that wrote a very important page in the history of the Italian house. The car was built by Zagato bodywork and designed by Frank Costin.

In these days, the Trident logo recalls the Indianapolis 500 victories achieved by the Maserati 8CTF, a car that in the 1940s raised the Maserati brand thanks to a series of important successes.

Also worth mentioning is an interesting one video starring the Maserati Quattroporte GTS, the sporty variant of the flagship of the Italian manufacturer that shows itself in an acceleration test in which it highlights all its potential linked to the presence of a V8 with more than 500 HP that offers the right thrust.

Maserati Quattroporte GTS AutoTopNL

Between future news for the Maserati range, provided for in the business plan announced last year, there is also a new D-SUV that will become a direct rival of the Porsche Macan. The project will be produced in the Cassino plant starting from the Giorgio platform, the same on which the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is produced.

Also note a new render trying to anticipate the design of a possible shooting brake signed Maserati. To date, the house of the Trident does not plan such a project but the rendering shows us how a model with this particular design could be.


Among the news of the Jeep house this week we also mention the new O.CT tuning of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the sporty variant of the American flagship. Thanks to a series of elaborations on the project, the tuner managed to bring the power of the Grand Cherokee V8 up to 888 HP. Also noteworthy a video in which the Grand Cherokee Trackhakw challenges some rival SUVs.

In addition, these days Jeep launched the Gladiator on the Australian market. The pick-up is available, for the moment, only in version launch edition. Initially, the new Jeep model will be available exclusively in three colors.

Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition Australia

Jeep, these days, has announced a presentation event for the new Jeep Compass to be streamed next week. During this event, an update will be unveiled for the compact SUV of the American company which, since 2020, has been produced in the Melfi plant.

Also note that Jeep has returned to talk about one possible electric version of the Wrangler. The iconic model of the American brand could soon undergo a very important evolution with the launch of a zero-emission version capable of preserving the essence of the project by adapting the technical sector to the new needs of the market.


After the request that took place in recent weeks, these days FCA has obtained the ok from the Intesa Sanpaolo BoD About the maxi loan of over 6 billion Euros which will be disbursed thanks to partial government guarantees in compliance with the provisions of the Liquidity decree last April. SACE has approved the request for state guarantees for the loan made by FCA.

On the issue of state guarantees for the loan requested by FCA, Fiom has requested that the company give certainty about employment levels in Italian plants which, in recent months, are going through a very difficult time with a constant recourse to layoffs and with several projects, announced in the past, are still far from starting work.

This week we went back to talking about merger between FCA and PSA. The operation is expected to be completed by the end of the year but doubts about the rapid completion will grow and, according to some French analysts, it will be necessary review the terms of the agreement reached between the two parties last year in order to complete the merger.

After the launch of the service for the Italian market, FCA is expanding the availability of Car @ Home, the new service that aims to facilitate the online purchase of a car. In fact, this week the company made the service available toalso in other European markets with the aim of increasing sales in this very difficult phase for the four-wheeler market.

In the meantime, despite the first signs of recovery that came with the end of the lockdown, partial data for the month of May confirmed that car sales in Italy are still significantly lower than the data collected last year. In the absence of incentives, it will be necessary to wait several months before recording a full recovery.

Also note that these days FCA has reached a new agreement with the unions. Thanks to this agreement, i Italian workers of the group will be able to use an “anti coronavirus” app. The application will offer information material and will allow you to monitor your health conditions. In the future, again on a voluntary basis, it will be possible to use additional functions such as tracking contacts.

For Irpinia plant of Pratola Serra, FCA group diesel engine production site is ready partial conversion process. In the factory, in fact, mask production is expected to begin in July.

In the meantime, in Mexico, you register the productive recovery of FCA plants. The company returned to the business and started with the production of the Jeep Compass for the North American market, a key model for Mexican activities. In Brazil, instead, FCA has made an important donation to some local NGOs and started a investment for the production of masks.

To better manage activities and ensure adequate safety standards, FCA postponed production recovery in Tychy, Poland for a week. The factory, where the 500 and Ypsilon are produced, will only resume operations on June 7th.

Note that, in the UK, we record one nuogoes promotion of FCA that will give up installments if customers lose their jobs because of the effect of the pandemic. In Brazil, instead, they are expected important discounts to counter the economic emergency.

Among the news of the week for the FCA group in Italy we also mention the official presentation of the new Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid, model that was unveiled on the brand’s official website last March, in full lockdown. The new mild hybrid version of the Ypsilon is available in Italian dealerships with a very interesting special offer.

Our Sunday column for the best news of the week ends with this news. The next appointment is set for Sunday 7 June. We remind you to continue to follow us these days, both from the site and from our social channels (find all the useful links at the beginning of the article), for all updates on the world of Italian four wheels

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