Alfa Romeo: bad news coming


Bad news comes for Alfa Romeo. The Biscione car manufacturer has to deal with a further postponement of the start of production. This fact will not resume in Cassino before July 1, 2020. After the few units that were ordered in the months prior to the lockdown were produced in recent days, the factory now located in Piedimonte San Germano it will remain firm until the end of June due to the lack of new orders.

Two bad news for Alfa Romeo

As previously announced, the group has to cope with this situation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will use the redundancy fund as provided for in the Government’s Relaunch Decree. This until the next June 15. From the middle of next month onwards, however, the company will use ordinary layoffs. It cannot be excluded that further stops may be announced over the next few weeks in the Alfa Romeo factory.

Another bad news concerns the start of the works to adapt the factory for the new models envisaged by the Italy plan. Recall that this plan, announced in November last year by the number one of FCA, Mike Manley, provided for investments of up to € 5 billion in Italy by the group in its factories, also including Cassino for the launch of new models.

The program, which included an investment from 800 million euros for Cassino, it was postponed. The investment was for the future production of the hybrid versions of Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio and for the new one Maserati D-SUV which will always be produced in Cassino in the coming years.

At this point it is probable that these new models will no longer arrive in the course of 2021 but in the 2022. Regarding these news, official confirmations are likely to be made by Fiat Chrysler will arrive already in the coming weeks.

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