Alessia Marcuzzi single? She replies with a video: look who’s on the sofa


She did not deny, did not write, did not make statements, although the news exploded on the web that she and her husband after six years of marriage, said goodbye during the quarantine (5 weeks ago was a very tender and sweet message greetings from Alessia to Paolo).

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Alessia Marcuzzi spent a long and demanding day. First the emotions for the newfound embrace between little Mia and dad Francesco who finally was able to see her again after months of distance. Then a series of recordings for the tutorials of her beauty products. “Here I am, I finished shooting the tutorials for Luce and I realized that I am truly denied …” says the exhausted and tried Marcuzzi in the Stories. She has rigged, removed make-up and tried the products on her friend Ezia between cameras, masks and a thousand attentions. Alessia mimics the gestures of the daily beauty routine and says she is denied for the tutorials.

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Finally, in the late evening you can enjoy Mia’s sofa and acrobatics with the hula hoop. And it is in the night videos that Paolo Calabresi Marconi reappears. To those who said that the two have given up and that he has left the conductor’s Roman apartment, she replies showing him relaxed on the sofa while cuddling the little girl. Bare feet, jeans and relaxed and serene air, Paolo smiles. She frames her legs and shoes while her daughter and the little dog play in front of them. No comment, but a certain fact: Paolo Calabresi Marconi still lives with Alessia.

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