Alessandro Moggi: “Violent crisis, it will be a downward market and of exchanges. Icardi is the example”


What transfer market will be next? Definitely different, after the Coronavirus emergency and everything that follows. Alessandro Moggi, Ciro Immobile’s attorney among others, spoke to Corriere dello Sport: “The economic crisis will be violent. All this will generate a contraction of values ​​and a tendency to exchange players rather than buy them. It is said that the operations will be less, indeed, but they will be less expensive. Then there is the question to understand of TV rights: a legal diatribe would lead to serious consequences for clubs, especially if the judges agree with the broadcasters

Will the champions cost less? Yes, according to one of the best known Italian agents. And there has already been a demonstration according to him: “We are seeing it in the Icardi affair. An operation planned on the 70 million that is closing at 50 more bonuses than they say. I imagine a contraction of all the cards of the 30 %. They will start less “big” from those companies that base their assets on the value of the sample: they will try to keep it in order not to devalue it. If it costs 80 and today you have to sell it to 50, it is better to keep it for another year


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