Alarmed families: bonus babysitting and leave do not intertwine


ROME – The babysitter bonus and extraordinary parental leave are not only incompatible: either ask for one or the other. But they cannot be intertwined either. So if a mom or dad asked in March or April for 15 days’ leave to stay at home with their children (at 50% of the salary), now in June can only ask for another 15 and always with halved paychecks. That is, it cannot replace the additional 15 days of leave with the babysitter bonus.The reverse is also true. If one of the parents has already benefited from the first 600 euros of the babysitter bonus, they can now ask for another 600 euros – from June 1st, because the renewal procedure is not yet active on the INPS website – but it cannot replace the bonus with 15 days of leave. The two measures therefore do not speak. They should, especially in the first case. Because the leave cuts the salary. And now it’s easier to find a babysitter available.


Work and family, this is not a country for mothers

The contradiction then reverberates on the new double use that can be made of the bonus babysitter, to be spent also at the summer centers, as soon as they reopen. If one has asked for the first 15 days of leave and is forced – if he needs it – to renew them instead of accessing the 600 euros, he will not be able to use the bonus for summer camps. The deputy Pd Chiara Gribaudo on this point, he addressed a question to the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo (M5S).Even the Family Forum, led by Gigi De Palo, proposes to change the norm of the Relaunch decree – now based on parliamentary discussion in the Chamber – so as to allow the intertwining of the two measures of aid to parents. Inps, meanwhile, has asked the Ministry of Labor for an opinion and awaits a response to publish an explanatory circular.

It remains clear that who has never asked neither leave nor the babysitter bonus so far, can now take advantage of it in full formula: 30 days, even if not consecutive, at 50% of the salary or 1,200 euros to be spent also for summer camps (which rise to 2,000 euros for health workers and ‘order).

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