Al Bano is a fury and it is released: “How much crap I have to read”


Im radio on “A sheep’s day” the singer said he had “boxes full” compared to the gossip and rumors of yet another reconciliation between him and Lecciso. The dinosaur gaffe at “Domenica In”? No second thoughts …

Guest of “A sheep’s day“Conducted by Geppi Cucciari is Giorgio Lauro up Rai Radio1, Al Bano, with his usual frankness, does not use half words: “I leave the gossip to others, do what they want. I have boxes full of how much crap I have to read …“.

This is what the singer of Cellino San Marco when asked if the rumors are reliable love would break out again between him and Loredana Lecciso.

Al Bano, the dinosaurs and that trip to New York


In the all-round radio chat, we also went back to talking about Carrisi’s gaffe at “Sunday In“: In connection with Mara Venier, the artist had said, about the pandemic: “Man has been able to destroy dinosaurs, let alone if it is not capable of destroying this small worm, microbe, which is called Coronavirus “.

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To the microphones ofA sheep’s day”, Al Bano did not retract, on the contrary. Here is what he said: “Twenty years ago I went to the Natural History Museum in New York, where I saw some pictures, like those of the meteorites that 65 million years ago fell on the Yucatan. But they did what they did on the Yucatan. In Puglia I understand that there were dinosaurs but there is no memory of meteorites. And then I remember this other image that I saw. ”

Carrisi continued: “The dinosaur and the men of the time who killed him with various tools. I have never deleted this image, it seemed paradoxical but true. Of course we don’t have eyewitnesses but if they put such an image at the Natural History Museum in New York … “. Pressed by the conductors, the Lion of Cellino San Marco reiterated: “I confirm that man also managed to destroy the dinosaurs“.

Al Bano and its health path: 4 kg lost


On the pandemic and the traces of the infection, the artist would be in favor of downloading the Immuni app: “It is clear, of course. Rather, I could be the first to do it“.

Finally, Al Bano explained that he remained in great shape during the lockdown. “I do ten km a day, every day, I lost four kilos and I want to lose five more. ” Even at the table the singer observed some more precautions. “I made a diet based on salads, grilled fish and lots of fruit. In particular the mango, which I love very much ”.

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