Air of reshuffle, three ministers in the balance


Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte open the possibility of a mini reshuffle in the government to face the exit from the emergency and neutralize a possible September political crisis. In an atmosphere of renewed feeling, Conte and Di Maio, for days, meet groups of deputies and senators of the Five Stars to collect discontent, outbursts and criticisms of the work of the ministers. A strategy that aims to prepare the ground for some changes in the executive team. But even from the Democratic Party front the temptation to replace a couple of members of the government is growing. With a dual objective: to satisfy some discontent and give impetus to the executive’s action. The formula is ready: agenda and new ministers. The dream book (a reform plan for Italy) announced by Prime Minister Conte and the promises of Minister Di Maio on the cutting of the Irap are the two pillars on which to base the new government pact.

The idea of ​​Conte and Di Maio is to proceed with four tweaks in the team. What are the armchairs that dance. Who are the rejected? The chair of the school minister Lucia Azzolina hangs in the balance. After the troubles on the School decree, the minister is already practically the police station. The owner of public education would be the first to give up the chair. There is the option of entrusting the delegation to the minister of the University Gaetano Manfredi. But a change with another Five Star exponent is not excluded.

Another grillino minister in the odor of exit is the Guardasigilli Alfonso Bonafede. The Minister of Justice (after the Di Matteo case) loses weight and credibility within the Movement. Di Maio and Conte do not fear the dissent (in words) of Italia Viva but the mistrust that grows among the parliamentarians of the Grillini against Bonafede. Net of the victory in the Senate (the motion of no confidence rejected), the minister no longer enjoys the esteem of the majority. The road hypothesized by Luigi Di Maio would be to entrust the “hot” armchair in via Arenula to a member of the dem. There is the option of a return by Andrea Orlando to head the Ministry of Justice. In return, the Five Stars point to the chair of the Minister for Regional Affairs: Francesco Boccia is among the outgoing ministers. He did not convince the management during Covid. The conflicting relationship with the Regions has caused discontent among the 5S. But even in the Nazarene, Boccia was branded as a precarious minister.

The fourth armchair in the balance is that occupied by Paola Pisano, Minister of Innovation. The Turin minister was imposed on the government team by Davide Casaleggio. But now the balance in the Movement has changed a bit: there is no longer a solid agreement between Di Maio and Casaleggio jr. It could be the Minister Pisano who paid the price. At the moment the Renzians should not be part of the mini reshuffle match. Despite the numbers of Iv, Di Maio, Conte and Zingaretti, they do not intend to open the market on ministers with Renzi. As the days pass, a conviction matures at Palazzo Chigi: the government does not restart. A change is better than a crisis in the dark.

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