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Air Force One it goes broadcast on Rai 3 for the first evening of today, Thursday 28 May, starting from 9.20 pm. It is a film that was made in the United States of America in 1997 by several film companies including Columbia Pictures while the distribution was managed by Buena Vista International. The direction of this film was curated by Wolfgang Petersen while the subject and screenplay bear the signature of Andrew W. Marlowe. The editing of the film was made by Richard Francis Bruce, the music of the soundtrack was composed by Jerry Goldsmith while the photograph bears the signature of Michael Ballhaus. In the cast appearing Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson, Paul Guilfoyle and William H. Macy.


Air Force One, the plot of the film

Here is the plot of Air Force One. During a trip he makes with Air Force One with his family and members of the escort, the President of the United States of America is subject to a terrible terrorist attack. In practice, some terrorists of Kazakh origin sneaked into the staff of the president in such a way as to put in place an attempt to put pressure on the political level to obtain the release of their leader and dictator. During the flight, the terrorists manage to board the presidential plane and thus take control of it while a capsule assigned to these extreme crisis situations to save the president’s life is launched, making the terrorists believe that the president is now safe. However, this does not appease the anger of the terrorists who, having a large number of hostages at their disposal, put pressure on the American government and consequently on the Russian government to release their dictator. In reality, however, the president had never abandoned the presidential plane but allowed some members of his family to escape and from this moment onwards on the front line he will deal with this crisis by referring to his abilities also as regards the use of weapons and hands-free fighting. The president will be able to kill all terrorists one at a time and free his staff. When everything now seems to have returned, also because control of the presidential plane is gained, some terrorist fighters appear who want to shoot down the plane to complete their revenge as their leader has in the meantime been executed by Russian political forces. The president will once again have to leverage his skills by risking a desperate rescue and above all he will be called to deal with his main bodyguard who will prove to be a traitor ready to make the last attempt to be able to kill him.

Video, the trailer of Air Force One


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