After the plane crashes, Boeing resumes production of the 737 Max model


The two accidents had resulted in the death of 346 people and the company had decided at that point to leave all the aircraft of that model on the ground. But now, albeit at a reduced rate, Boeing plans to build 31 aircraft per month by 2021. The company has also announced the cut of 12,000 jobs, including 6,770 “non voluntary” exits due to the slowdown in air traffic caused by the coronavirus. In an email to employees, the company’s CEO, Dave Calhoun, said the pandemic had a “devastating impact” on the group’s accounts.

American Airlines overwhelmed by crisis: announces 30% cut Meanwhile, in the aviation sector, the consequences of the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic are being recorded. American Airlines has announced a plan to cut managerial and administrative staff by 30%. This is a reduction of around 5,000 jobs. Furthermore, according to the CNBC, the group would also have started offering incentives to flight attendants and other employees to encourage each other.

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