After the No-Vax, the No-Masks are born in America. “You do NOT enter the mask in this shop”


After the No-Vax, the No-Mask. It is the new phenomenon that has appeared in recent weeks in the United States, where in some stores, from Kentucky to California, signs have been posted which, to really believe it, must be read twice: “Prohibited to wear masks”, “Prohibited to wear masks”. In the face of the pandemic. As the Guardian reports, the “mask ban” is the new front of the protest in that part of America that immediately refused the lockdown as well as any other restrictive measure of personal freedoms decided to counter the spread of the virus.

After armed demonstrations against the lockdown, some traders declared war on the use of masks, intended as a sign of obedience to the governors guilty of having brought the economy to its knees with lockdown blows. Vice said Thursday in a Kentucky convenience store that he put up a sign saying “NO mask is allowed in the shop.” And again: “Lower the mask or go elsewhere. Stop listening to him, [il governatore del Kentucky Andy] Beshear, he’s an idiot. ”

Earlier this month, a Califronian builder posted a sign in his showroom to encourage hugs and dismiss masks. In Illinois, the owner of a gas station made a similar notice, then defended himself claiming that the masks make it difficult to distinguish between adults and children when it comes to selling alcohol and cigarettes.

The first to endure the idea of ​​wearing a mask, on the other hand, is the same Commander-in-chief, who sold only last Thursday, during a visit to a Ford factory in Michigan. The state attorney general, Dana Nessel, had ordered him to do so as “legal and moral responsibility”, judging his stubborn refusal more suitable for “a petulant child” than for an incumbent president. Trump wore a blue navy model for the time of the visit to the factory, but he immediately took it off to meet the journalists: “It is not necessary, I was tested today. I had a first one, in the area behind it, but I didn’t want to give the press the satisfaction of seeing me. ”

For Americans determined to protect their “freedom” at all costs – even if it means exposing others to the risk of getting sick – Trump’s reluctance is a clear sign of encouragement. As were his attacks on pro lockdown governors: winks not too veiled at the demonstrations, complete with rifles, of those who asked to reopen everything immediately, despite the gallop of the virus.

Another disturbing chapter is that of customers and passengers who – always in the name of their “freedom” – deliberately cough in the face of others. On Twitter the writer Anand Giridharadas shared a video with some scenes that speak for themselves. “A distorted and twisted obsession with freedom is killing us,” said the former New York Times columnist.

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