After the coronavirus. Because without women there is no recovery


Phase 2 started between promises of subsidies and bonuses, but still without a vision. Two critical points risk weakening the great reconstruction from its foundations: the absence of an investment plan for the work of women and for the training of young people. Let’s try to see, in two episodes, what could be imagined (and started soon) in this transition on which Italy’s chance to stay in step with the best Europe depends.

Let’s start with an observation. In all countries, the virus has affected the male population most in terms of mortality. However, if we consider the infections and disaggregate the data by age groups, the proportion reverses. In Italy, among adult women (20-50 years), Covid-19 diagnoses were about 10 points higher than men. A second sensitive issue, at the beginning of the argument, is the one that offers a summary of the labor market: worldwide, the incidence of unemployment, suspension from work and income reductions has been higher for women workers. Because? These two dynamics are intimately related.

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