After that of beauticians and hairdressers, there is a Covid tax from 20 to 40 euros in the workshop


In practice, many operators bind the intervention to a mandatory sanitation of the car. To those who refuse to pay, the workshop denies repairs or coupons.

“This is a completely illegal practice, and against which we will present the necessary complaints to the Antitrust and Guardia di Finanza – explains the president Carlo Rienzi – There is no rule that obliges consumers to sanitize their car in the workshops, nor that it constrains the coupons or repairs to the payment of ‘bribes’ linked to Covid “.

“We urge citizens not to submit to the absurd demands of merchants and not to pay any additional fees related to the coronavirus, by reporting any irregularities found in commercial businesses to Codacons,” concludes Rienzi.

Also there Confartigianato Car repair, trade association of car repair shops, condemned the “sanitation tax”. “We don’t want to go for those who take advantage of it – he said, as reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, Alessandro Angelone, president of Confartigianato Autoriparazione – our line is not to apply additional costs to customers and to ensure the car’s sanitation free of charge through a spray on the contact areas such as seats, steering wheel, knobs and handbrake “.

“Each company does as it deems most appropriate – concludes Angelone – but we can only criticize the mandatory nature of a sanitization treatment that should only be at the customer’s discretion”.

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