After much affection for Alena Seredova unexpected attacks


Among the messages of affection, comments of rebuke – good-natured – and of disapproval also made their appearance. So Alena Seredova, new mom, tackles motherhood on social: the shot that portrays the family dog ​​near the cradle of Vivienne Charlotte has aroused some suspicion among the most sensitive users.

The offending photo on Instagram: Seredova targeted

Let’s start with the facts. Just over a few days ago, Alena Seredova she gave birth to her third daughter, Vivienne Charlotte, daughter of the model’s partner, the manager Alessandro Nasi, manager and cousin of Andrea Agnelli and John and Lapo Elkann.

Since then, the family shots posted on Instagram of Alena have collected likes and comments of all kinds. Even the older brothers, children of the goalkeeper of the Juventus Gianluigi Buffon An immense joy for parents and older brothers, David Lee and Louis Thomas, who celebrated the latest arrival by making her wear the shirt of Juventus and holding her in his arms. Nothing so unanimous, however, for the photo of the dog Sprint.

Tough criticism for Alena Seredova: anger

Some followers criticized the choice to leave the dog so close to the baby girl’s cradle, judging the situation as inappropriate: “No Alena is always a dog! Be careful that jealousy comes to him! “,” Dangerous and unhygienic “,” Be careful … you never know. It can be jealous. ” Reviews that have not left indifferent the Czech actress who, in the comments, responded to the anger of those who feel unfairly targeted: “But stop it,” he replied. To a different follower, who invites her to be vigilant because of possible jealousy, the Seredova he replied: “I honestly know my dog.”

VIRGILIO SPORT | 29-05-2020 15:17

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