African American killed by police: arrests, protests and street fires in the United States


Arrests, protests, street shooting and fires in front of a police station. Third night of protests in the United States and in Minneapolis in particular, where anger over the death of the African American has exploded for days George Floyd during his arrest by the police. The National Guard also took the field to avoid the recurrence of clashes, looting and acts of vandalism and violence.

Right in Minneapolis a fire exploded outside the commissariat of the former agents involved in Floyd’s death and the building, besieged by protesters, was abandoned. A procession marched into the city center demanding justice and chanting slogans against the police and Donald Trump. Not far from the place where Floyd was suffocated, a group of troublemakers attempted to storm a mall but was repelled by police tear gas.

Local media report how the demonstrators managed to enter the police station by shattering the windows, vandalizing the offices and setting part of the building on fire. The latter was evacuated for safety, after officers fired rubber bullets at the demonstrators. Other buildings in the area have been vandalized by setting fires.

Protests also in New York. At least 30 people were arrested in New York where hundreds of people took to the streets of Manhattan to express their anger at police violence against African Americans. Moments of tension around City Hall, the town hall, where there was a throw of bottles and other objects towards the agents. One protester was arrested for possessing weapons, others for throwing garbage buckets into the street and blocking traffic.

Protests also in many other cities of America, including Oakland, California, and Denver, Colorado, where protesters blocked some streets. Procession and sit in also in Chicago and San Francisco.

The state capitol lockdown took place in Denver, Colorado, the state assembly, after a few gunshots were fired while a demonstration was underway to protest the death of George Folyd. Many demonstrators blocked some of the city’s roads.

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