Advertising, the Covid-19 presents the bill: -29% in March


This for March while for the January-March quarter TV collected 846 million (-10.5%), newspapers 100.2 million (-18%), magazines 56.6 million (-21.2%), radio 86.4 million (-8, 9%) and digital 650.5 million (-1.5%).

“The lack of a manual for the management of this atypical situation has given rise to an unprecedented paradox, namely the slowdown in advertising despite the use of the media, especially the most profitable from a commercial point of view, was growing”, he pointed out Dal Sasso (Nielsen). At first glance paradox in the paradox: audience and much greater attention to the media, but investments that are lacking.

Speaking of paradox, however, is clearly risky, because advertising investments move in the same direction as GDP. And if the latter relentlessly points downwards, publishing houses and media groups can only resign themselves.

“The month of March was marked by a tragic event and a rather emotional vicious circle”, so at this moment “the patient is in a reserved prognosis phase” he explained the president of Upa, Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, for which, however, an aspect that may invite you to glimpse a glimpse is: “The companies that have completely eliminated sales have halved their investments. They had every right to reset them but they didn’t, because they felt that the support for the brand should be done even in the absence of consumption. This – he continued – it makes me hope that when consumption resumes the recovery of investments will be fairly rapid ».

Of course, a condition will be essential, he underlines the president of the association of companies that invest in advertising: «The recovery in consumption should be encouraged by making liquidity available to families. Much of the recovery in consumption it will depend on public policies and their speed. It will take courage and vision at this stage ».

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