Achievements explain the Xbox flop in Japan


Xbox historically has a difficult life in Japan and as much as Microsoft has been working on it lately, it doesn’t seem that this will change against PS5 and Nintendo Switch once Xbox Series X is launched.

In an interview granted to VGC, Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba of Platinum Games they addressed the issue, trying to give their explanation behind the brand’s continuous flops in the Asian country.

Platinum Games had a troubled relationship with Microsoft, leading to the cancellation of a well-known project Scalebound, at the beginning of the Xbox One gen.

“Ever since the Xbox was introduced to the Japanese market, it has always seemed like something foreign and distant»Kamiya explained, lying behind historical series such as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil or more recently Bayonetta.

The Japanese then provided a concrete example of this concept, perhaps a little banal in 2020 and abstract, which alone does not really clarify what is behind it:

«I think Microsoft Japan could do more to have greater appeal than the real tastes of Japanese gamers. If you want a concrete example, when you unlock an Achievement it tells you “Achievement unlocked” and in Japanese this sentence is translated in an extremely literal way. Compare with Sony Trophies: that idea is very easy to understand and even in Japanese the word ‘trophy’ is the same as in English. There is no strange translation and it is easy to understand. “

A certainly interesting thesis that, while sinking its roots in a rather simple example, makes the idea of ​​the complicated relationship between the Japanese and Microsoft.

Inaba, the studio head of the Japanese team, specified that «We love Phil Spencer» despite all the past with Xbox and clarified that “The path to success has not always been to have the best hardware. Sometimes it’s a matter of familiarity. “

To try and resolve the issue, Spencer has repeatedly expressed that he wants to shop locally to have a local team at Xbox Game Studios. Is it the right track?

Source: VGC

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